Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Going about my day today I started thinking to myself how this challenge may change my attitude in general. Maybe some days it will not affect me much at all; the thought that I am not buying clothing won't change me, but on other days it may be a bit of a mental battle...of self-control. Now, self-control and I have an interesting relationship. In some things I have great self-control and on other things (like my snappy anger outbursts) I have absolutely no self-control at all. In fact, it seems like something else is controlling me! So today I woke up and had in my mind the realization that I should open my eyes to even the little ways this challenge may be changing me.

The thing I noticed most was that I was way more careful with the things I DO have. I was working in my sons classroom doing science experiments where bleach was involved and I thought to myself, I don't want to get any on this on my sweater. I love this sweater; I bought it at Banana Republic on a girls night out and wear it several times a month. Plus it's green and well, I love green. Anyway, then I thought if it were not for this challenge I might still be careful, of course I would, but I wouldn't be quite as careful about it. I would know if it did get ruined that they still had them at the store and I could find another one or one like it. But, because I knew this was my only one, I somehow treated it with more love. Now what is the translation of this in real life? Is love connected to the idea that this is the only one? This is your only spouse, treat them well; as opposed to "I will love him more when he's nicer". These are your only children so love them; as opposed to "there will be another chance to talk to them". Is love there...is love begging us not to waste...begging us not to always look for upgrades on our homes, our friends, our families?


  1. Hmmm... this has made me ponder. Especially the part about the husband and kids. I would never think of them as "replaceable" but I'm thinking that maybe I do act like that sometimes. Hmmmm...

  2. I think all of us agree that we don't think of our spouses or children as replaceable, but I do think that we tend to think of them as upgradable.