Monday, November 29, 2010

The Journey Begins

“Do you have enough?”
After the sermon the question still rang softly in my ears, “Do you have enough?” When I heard that question...when it popped up on that screen in black and white boldly asking the audience, I knew my answer was “yes” immediately. But then what?
As I went about my life, as I spoke with friends, as I enjoyed a glass of wine with my husband, as I decorated my house with Christmas glitter; still my ears were listening to the quiet question, “Do you have enough”.
The question settled there in my mind, found a pillow of comfort within me and stayed. Why did it lay there when I knew my answer was “yes”? The question was not satisfied with my answer. It didn’t really believe that I acted like I had enough. And so I thought…If I am sure I have enough which clearly I do, then why don’t I act like I have enough? I suppose that’s the second part to the first question.
Do you have enough?
Do you act like you have enough?
The only conclusion to my dilemma is that I am a bit of a spoiled brat. Am I rich, definitely not! Do I have a budget, definitely yes! Really I only give myself 50 dollars to spend on what I call, “The mommy fund”. In fact we had to cash out a retirement fund just to survive the next year until Rob (my husband) is off his probationary year. That said…I still absolutely, positively, have enough! So if you are still with my neurological psycho babble, the next question is,
“How do I act like I have enough?”
In some ways I feel like I need to convince myself that indeed I do have enough. Part of me must think I am lacking if I don’t act like I have enough. To back up for a second, I am not a chronic shopper. Typically I don’t buy a ton of stuff, but I do buy stuff I don’t need. I buy books I don’t need; they’re at the library, and clothes I don’t need; my closet is full! And then, amongst all these thoughts running races in my head, I thought of a challenge. Now, I love a good challenge when it makes a person closer to God and overall a healthier person. So here it is…dare I say it? If I say it, I must follow it…
For one full year, until Thanksgiving 2011 I will not buy one item of clothing. Now I know your first question, “what about underwear?” But here’s the thing, I have 10 pairs! How can one possibly go through that much underwear in a year. And here’s the other thing, what if I only had 2 pairs left after 6 months? I would wash them every day, big deal! And yes, this might be drastic, and yes, unnecessary, but I am convinced there is a lesson here. Join me if you dare. Convince yourself you do have enough and find your happiness and joy and rest in God this coming year even in the midst of beautiful clothing.


  1. I think this is a fantastic post AND challenge. I'm in!

  2. I'm in. Great idea! And hopefully ill be a few sizes smaller next year! My closet is soooooo full...

  3. Okay, I would like to say I'm in but I might need to buy a pair of maternity pants. Hmmm...really thinking here. I've gotta check my box of maternity clothes outside first I guess! =) I'll get back with you! Great idea though.