Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wake up!

What does it look like for you in the morning? Our family wake-ups are always in motion; like waves. My husband Rob is sometimes home in the mornings and sometimes at the fire station. When he does come home from work it is always in the morning. Instead of the 50's style "dinner is almost done" he comes home to pajamas and pancakes...or most likely cereal. He likes cereal o.k.! On the weekdays because of school mornings take on a routine feeling regardless of who is home and who is not, but on weekends it's different. Most likely the kids are up before us watching tv for a bit until they start wrestling and waking everyone up. This results in a "talk" about morning behavior and then either Rob or I forcing ourselves to get up while the other one sleeps a bit more. And really, honestly, the allure of a good cup of coffee is the only reason I step out of my king sized sterns and foster pillow top bed. Maybe I need a lumpy bed. I guess what I'm saying is that mornings should be great. I know sleep is wonderful, but a new day, healthy kids, my own home....really I should be waking up completely grateful and happy. So I starting thinking about other people's mornings. Everyone of us has a different morning story and how interesting would it be to read about your mornings; the good and the bad. What you love about them and what you want to change about them. For me, I want to wake up more cheerful, how to achieve that....I'll get back to you.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I started thinking about life today; how much I enjoy the act of being alive, even though....even though anything. Most people do I think. Though they may be troubled ...the idea of not being here anymore still scares them, because they want to be alive...sometimes deep down.

I would not consider myself an optimist, but I am neither a pessimist; I am a realist that finds meaning everywhere. I am not gushing with smiles as I say " I love life", it is more of a quiet joy in my heart.

I love the smell of trees, of the gutter after rain, of silence.

I love understanding a friend.

What do you love?

I mean we are only here but years right? What do you love? Do it. We waste time. That's ok for an afternoon, but not for years. I think most of us feel dissatisfied with our lives in some way. It may not be a life rattling feeling. You may be able to ignore it because your life is pretty great, but don't. It will grow because you were meant for more.  Listen and you will grow.

What do you love?