Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A good cup of coffee

I love that country song that says the secret to life is a good cup of coffee; not because it is true, although part of me wonders, but because it simplifies a chaotic life. Now by chaotic I don't mean that life is all bad or that all days a rough, but I do agree that most days are exhausting in it's ups and downs; perhaps it is the ups and downs that makes it that much more exhausting.

So I started to think about simplification. What does simplification offer? Its nemesis of course is clutter; whether it is physical clutter or mental clutter. It seems to me that simplification offers breath and what I mean by that is it allows us to not only breath easier, but also that we have the time to notice that we breath. Does that make sense?

When I see a counter full of papers and garbage and stacks of old mail, my immediate thought is to go through it and rid myself of the unnecessary clutter (my husband does not share this:). Now I am not psychotic about it; I will leave it there if I'd rather watch a tv show or have plans that night or I am just feeling too tired, but the moment I am free, I will eliminate.

So what about mental clutter, do we go through all our old papers when it comes to our mind? Do we rid ourselves of old ideas and throw them out if we have no use for them? What about all the bad habits that we adopted as part of the growing up process; do we stuff those in a junk drawer or see them in our mind and shred them, never to think about it again, never to reference it again?

If we have all our old papers and all our new papers, I can imagine a headache will ensue. Let's rid ourselves of all our junk! Eliminate your physical clutter! Wash your mind of old dirt...and


Saturday, February 12, 2011


I have to say I feel like this challenge is not much of a challenge. Then again it isn't summer yet and I don't really have a bathing suit unless you count my speedo lap swimming suit in all black. Also I only have one pair of flip flops and they are cheap and plastic. I doubt they will last and ideally I love reefs, which wore out last year. Side note, why do reefs purchased in Santa Cruz last 10 years and the ones from Ross only a year??? Anyway, it got me to thinking about quality and/or lack of. Is it better to have spent 50 dollars on a pair of jeans that last or spend the same 50 dollars on 3 pairs of jeans that fall apart within the year? And that my friends leads me back to the idea of "classic". Meaning, do you buy into a trend or are you a specific wonderful person who knows what they like and sticks with it? For example, I have purchased 3 pairs of skinny jeans within the last year. They weren't really me per say but they were on sale and I bought them at Old Navy. One pair has a back pocket that is tearing (though I can fix it), one pair has faded quite a bit, and one pair came out of the dryer with stains from who knows where. Anyway, what I am saying is, I bought into the times, not that that's a bad things, but just something to ponder. If I had bought a dark denim pair of Levis I would have no problems and could wear them for years, but now I am stuck with three pairs of falling apart skinny jeans which won't be in style forever anyway. I do love classics. I love solid colors and dark denim and slacks. I love earth tones and reefs and pearls and nice brown leather sandals. Why stray from this? People use clothes as a form of art; a representation of who they are. Is it a weakness to wear trends? Maybe. Something to think about.