Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A good cup of coffee

I love that country song that says the secret to life is a good cup of coffee; not because it is true, although part of me wonders, but because it simplifies a chaotic life. Now by chaotic I don't mean that life is all bad or that all days a rough, but I do agree that most days are exhausting in it's ups and downs; perhaps it is the ups and downs that makes it that much more exhausting.

So I started to think about simplification. What does simplification offer? Its nemesis of course is clutter; whether it is physical clutter or mental clutter. It seems to me that simplification offers breath and what I mean by that is it allows us to not only breath easier, but also that we have the time to notice that we breath. Does that make sense?

When I see a counter full of papers and garbage and stacks of old mail, my immediate thought is to go through it and rid myself of the unnecessary clutter (my husband does not share this:). Now I am not psychotic about it; I will leave it there if I'd rather watch a tv show or have plans that night or I am just feeling too tired, but the moment I am free, I will eliminate.

So what about mental clutter, do we go through all our old papers when it comes to our mind? Do we rid ourselves of old ideas and throw them out if we have no use for them? What about all the bad habits that we adopted as part of the growing up process; do we stuff those in a junk drawer or see them in our mind and shred them, never to think about it again, never to reference it again?

If we have all our old papers and all our new papers, I can imagine a headache will ensue. Let's rid ourselves of all our junk! Eliminate your physical clutter! Wash your mind of old dirt...and



  1. Juuussttt brrreeeaatthh......I can feel the majic floating in the air. Being with you gets me that way. Remember that country song? I think our mind deserves a good spring cleaning much more often then the one time of year that spring rolls around. When I workout, I feel my mind getting a good dose of de-cluttering. When I'm done workingout, it works so well that I often forget the fight the night before or the crap that got me upset right before I stepped into the gym. Works every time!

  2. I have five kids. if they each bring home a "special art project" every sunday from church that means I will have 260 THINGS on my fridge at the end of the year. clutter? smile then throw away as they turn their heads. boom!!!