Thursday, December 2, 2010

What can I do with what I have?

Another couple days have gone by and I can't help but think that this challenge is easier right now because it is during a holiday season where shopping for other things besides clothes is taking place. I was careful, however, to only buy my daughter 2 gifts and my son 1 large gift. I spent roughly seventy dollars on each of them and about 30 dollars on stocking stuffers. I do feel that is a reduction of what I have spent in the past and I look forward to the kids just opening a couple gifts and enjoying them rather than ripping open 8 or so gifts and then wondering why there aren't anymore.

Also, I went on a shopping trip with a friend the other day which was a lot of fun. Yes, we were participating in the commercialism around Christmas, but we both had a budget and a plan to spend significantly less than years prior. We turned what would have been completely commercial into an opportunity to learn more about each other. In a sense, we made Christmas about relationships and people and love rather than gifts themselves. It was nice.

On a totally different subject...when day 2 started I began to think of the clothes I already do have. In some sense I use clothing as a creative outlet. I like to put things together and change them around. I love scarves and hair clips and funky nail polish. But, because I couldn't shop for new things, I started thinking about what I could do with the things that I had. Can I take some of my plain t-shirts and turn them into completely different shirts by adding my own style and some paint and glitter? Could I cut those jean or put ribbon on that skirt? My mind started to really imagine all kinds of things that I could do with WHAT I HAD.

Hmmm, translation into real life...what can we do with what we do have beyond clothing? What can I do with family as they are now...just as they are? What can I do with the friends I have now just as they are, not after they have worked things out with themselves? What can I do with the skills I have right now, not when I learn this or that? What can I do with the money I have now, not when we make more? What this does is take the future out of the everyday. It forces a look at what is in front of me right now and even more than that, it makes me happy and grateful for what I have instead of bypassing that thought and searching for things outside of it.


  1. I like how you make me slow down and think...

    I have a question... does fabric count as buying clothes? How about yarn? How about stuff to make new hair pretties? I guess one could get very resourceful and repurpose stuff they already have... I feeling the need to bust out my super cool glue gun!

  2. hair ties are definitely an accessory. Fabric doesn't count, unless you are making clothes for yourself with it. You can make kid's clothes or add fabric to your already existing clothes:)

  3. Maybe Sharon should host a class on making hair pretties!!! I LOVE that stuff for Annie but can't afford it and don't know how to make it. =) Sarah, thanks for the reminder to enjoy today, the "right now" time with the kids, this period of our lives that we will never get back. No matter how challenging it may be on certain days, these little ones are only little for such a short time. I want to make sure to enjoy them now! Thanks!!!