Thursday, June 9, 2011


Sometimes I feel like what we really love and what we act like we love are two different things. It is often in tragedy that the two worlds unite. I know what I really love; most people do. If asked, most people could give you a good list of what they really love. It would start with family and morph into hobbies as the list went on. When it comes to what we love the most, we are all the same. The names will change but it is the same. People are who we love the most, second only to God.

So here's the question...if we know who we love the most, why is it so easy to live like other things are more important? Like time. Or personal space? Or hobbies? Or being right?

Just a thought.


  1. I think because sometimes we just forget, or get too busy and we don't stop to appreciate the moments. Because really, love is about all those special moments that make our hearts full. When we relish the moments we live a more loving life.

  2. Because human nature sucks! Love should always come first, but we are all screwed up in our very own special ways.